Our chapter has a long history of engagement in vital conservation work in our community and region. We have achieved this with hard-working and dedicated volunteers, by obtaining and using grants for conservation projects, and by creating, participating in and nurturing partnerships with local environmental organizations. Our Board stays up-to-date with research and critical conservation issues impacting the welfare of birds, and we advocate for actions and community education to protect birds.

Urban Bird Treaty Program Partnership 

The UBT Program is a unique partnership between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and partnering cities. The objective is to support cities in conserving birds and their habitats. The program started with two partnering cities in 1999 and has now grown to 30 cities, including Albuquerque, which was designated a partner in 2014. The Bird Alliance of Central New Mexico is a proud partner with other local organizations in this Program.  To learn more, visit the Urban Bird Treaty storymap.

Climate and Conservation

The purpose of our work on climate and conservation issues is to act on behalf of birds and their habitat in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. We collaborate with other Audubon chapters in our state and region to protect and improve environmental laws and to advance our alignment with National Audubon Society advocacy goals, which include habitat conservation, climate action, policy, and community building.  Visit the National Audubon Society to learn about our shared long-term plan for conservation and addressing climate change.

Contact Us if you would like to be involved in this work. 

Sandia Collaborative

The Bird Alliance of Central New Mexico is one of the non-governmental members of the Sandia Collaborative. The Collaborative meets regularly with representatives from various governmental organizations to provide assistance to the Cibola National Forest leadership team regarding the use and management of the multiple resources within the Forest. The Sandia Collaborative provides diverse perspectives on forest-wide issues, including recommendations on the proposed Forest Management Plan. Our chapter advocates for the needs of birds and the habitats needed to sustain them. Please visit the Sandia Collaborative website for more information.